Welcome to Laura Valente San Diego!

laura valente san diegoA seemingly fearless young entrepreneur, Laura Valente is not afraid to go for her goals. Jokingly she calls herself, “13 going on 30,” due to the fact that she is just 26 years old and has had her first luxury hair salon open for over a year.

“I chose La Jolla for Valente Hair & Co’s first location because I felt it had the best of both worlds: affordable luxury,” Laura states. “La Jolla also reminds me of the Amalfi Coast when I lived in Italy for a few years. Plus I love the clientele!”

Laura is known for going for the stars when it comes to her businesses. She is launching her own Valente Extensions© line this summer along with exclusive hair care products and tools.

“My ten year goal is to have five locations in five major cities across the U.S,” she beams. “I want Valente to be an established brand with exclusive products and potentially a school for learning the best hair extension techniques. It would also be amazing to see Valente products in major beauty retail chains.” Essentially, Laura Valente wants Valente to be the next Paul Mitchell!

Laura has said many times in the past that she strives to develop a very friendly and Italian inspired culture within her team.  “I love to see growth within my team; they are my family and I want Valente to be known for that cooperative atmosphere.”

Other entrepreneurs that Laura looks up include: Alli Webb, owner and founder of Drybar, Ray Kroc, former franchise expert for McDonald’s and Lorna Jane creator Lorna Jane Clarkson.

“Alli Webb is a brand genius, ” Laura says. “Her brand is well known, well respected and well thought out.”

Laura notes that Ray Kroc is, “a franchise master who always saw the potential in people and ideas.”

When asked what she admires about Lorna Jane Clarkson she says, “She has a competitive drive that’s made her very successful. Her quality that she has developed for her products is impeccable.”

Laura reminisces that her most satisfying moment as a business owner was the first day the salon was completely packed. “I remember it vividly: I looked out from the back of the salon and saw everyone working really hard and all the clients were enjoying their visit. That day become the first of many fully booked days!”

Now a few years in as an entrepreneur, Laura explains some skills she has developed. “I’ve always felt that I was a natural leader,” she states proudly. “However I know I’ve definitely improved, especially in diplomatic relations. I’ve honed in on becoming ‘character-conscious,’ meaning that I can tell right away a good worker from a slacker.”

Laura Valente is launching her own Valente Extensions© this summer and products and hot tool in the fall. She will also be a public speaker in 2018 educating other aspiring entrepreneurs on launching their own business in the salon industry.

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